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Audience Development Pillars

If you want to reach, engage or develop your audiences, you need to make sure you have the right skills, structures and processes in place.

Learning Pillars and Blocks

An Audience-Focused Approach

An audience-focused approach will make you and your arts, culture or heritage organisation more likely to succeed in reaching, engaging and growing audiences.

We’ve analysed the skills that the sector recruit against, and the skills that people need for their personal development. 

The Audience Focused Pillars build on the objectives you and your organisation may be trying to achieve. Each Pillar is the sum of “Blocks” of skills and tasks. We provide training and resources to support these. We also offer a number of funded programmes and schemes to make training as affordable as possible.

The Audience Focused Pillars help identify the skills and knowledge needed to achieve your objectives:

Understanding Audiences:

Metrics & Data: Data & Analysis, CRM systems, Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Evaluation & Monitoring

Audience Behaviour: User Experience, Segmentation, Accessibility, Trends & Futureproofing

Research: Market research, Benchmarking and Sector Research.

analytics training

Growing Audiences

Audience Development: Strategy, Diversity & Inclusivity

Increasing Reach: Digital Presence, and New Audiences

Increasing Engagement / Income: Audience Engagement, Fundraising, Ticketing and pricing

Outreach and Collaboration: Partnerships, Community Engagement

Connecting with Audiences

Platforms & Tools: Social media, Email, Advertising, PR, Design tools

Marketing Planning: Principles, Campaign planning and Templates.

Content Creation:  Design, Digital content, Print content and collateral

Websites that Work: User experience, User journeys, and Conversion

Audience-Focused Organisations

Core Skills: Project Management, Budgeting, Wellbeing

Business Planning: Business Models, Vision and Brand, Strategy

Teams, Management & Culture: Management,  Teams, Work Culture and Environment