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30th October 2017

Arts Marketing Geek Chic #AMAKnowingYou

Photo: Jukebox exhibition. Image courtesy of Jewish Museum, London. © Jon Holloway

Headshot of Ian ForresterIan Forrester, Firestarter Producer at the BBC, will be speaking at this year’s Digital Marketing Day. He shares his philosophy of geek values.

I’ve blogged in the past about being a self-confessed (and proud of it) geek and tried to describe what that means to me. It seems like something that might resonate if you work in the arts too?

I’m guessing lots of you have the same ongoing discussion with people about your work as I do; about not wanting to be rich and famous – just making the world a little bit better a place to live.

It’s easy to be singled minded and follow the money where it leads, but the harder thing is to live within your means and try and make the world a little better… and let’s face it, if you’re working in the arts you probably haven’t chosen to follow the money!

Some have boiled this down to, Do what you love, love what you do. Which is a nice but feels a little generic?

So rethinking this… I’ve started to add to this by describing the geek chic/lifestyle as…

“Always living life,
always learning
and always on the go.”

This seems to fit well no matter your situation.

Always living life could be anything from climbing a mountain, soaking up the atmosphere around you, helping others, what ever; as long as you are living life and pushing yourself, living in the moment and enjoying it.

Always learning is a hat tip, full head nod (or heck a dab if your into that) for lifelong learning. Never too old to learn and if you’re not learning then what are you doing? That is unless you are educating/helping others, although the act of helping others is a learning experience too.

Always on the go doesn’t necessarily mean going physical places. It can mean other types of progress like reaching out to more people with works, getting ahead in your career, etc. Getting mentally ahead and never settling unless you are ready for it.

I don’t think I’d be able to do my job if it wasn’t for these things – they’re what allows me to be creative, to keep exploring new technologies and ideas, to learn from my experiences and ultimately to stay focussed, challenged and enthusiastic.

Ian will be sharing the work of his team at the BBC on perceptive media and hyper-real experiences at our 11th Digital Marketing Day, #AMAKnowingYou, which takes place on 1 December at Barbican Centre, London.

Find out more about the programme and speakers and book your place.

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