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Arts Council of Wales Membership Bursaries

Arts Council of Wales Membership Bursaries


Applications are now closed.

The Arts Council of Wales is committed to Equality. It wishes to make AMA membership more accessible for a wider range of individuals and organisations in Wales, in the belief that it will strengthen and enhance the arts sector.

They will provide 4 membership bursaries which cover 100% of the membership cost.

To be considered for a bursary you must work in the cultural sector, be based in Wales, or work for an organisation based in Wales, and meet at least one of the following criteria.


  • You’re from a diverse background (including disability, ethnicity, and sexual orientation)
  • You’re an individual working in or representing a rural or low socioeconomic area
  • You’re an individual working for an organisation which can provide clear evidence that a diverse workforce and/or audience is a priority in their business plan

Please note:

  • Bursaries won’t be awarded to more than one person from the same organisation
  • Bursaries are only available to those who have not previously been AMA members

How to apply:

Complete the application form on this page by 31 July 2020 at 5pm. If you would like a paper copy please email

Next steps:

The Arts Council of Wales will assess each application and the AMA will email all applications with a decision by the end of August 2020.

Please note: in the event of us receiving a greater number of applications than bursaries available, the Arts Council of Wales will make a comparative assessment of all applications received to assess their fit with published priorities. These can be accessed via this link:

If you are successful, we’ll be asking you for feedback on your membership bursary through surveys and/or a blog post.

Bursary Application Form

  • Please add 'N/A' if a freelancer
  • Tell us what you hope to get out of attending
  • We're interested in knowing why the bursary is required.
    If you experience more than one type of impairment, please tick all that apply. If your impairment is not listed, please select "Other" and specify in the comments box below.
    As you make your decision, please think about what ethnic group means to you, that is, how you see yourself. Based on the Census 2001 categories; ethnicity is a mixture of culture, religion, skin colour, language and the origins of yourself and your family. It is not the same as nationality. (These are listed alphabetically)