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AMA’s Draft Accessibility Pledge

We have a vision of inclusivity throughout the whole of the AMA, which we work towards in all areas of our work. We believe you can’t have an inclusive organisation without also being diverse and accessible. This is part of our core ethos and we have done a lot of work to make both AMA itself, and the work we do, as inclusive, accessible, and diverse as possible.

As such, we have a 360 Diversity Strategy and across the whole AMA team we try to make the way we work and what we do as accessible as possible. Accessibility means different things, and different considerations, for different aspects of our work. For example, we have access budgets for Conference, have worked to develop stronger relationships with key partners like Stagetext, and make sure large text versions of documents are available. We’ve pulled together this, and more of what we already do, into our Accessibility Pledge.

Why are we doing this now?

We’ve always been working to make AMA accessible, but haven’t documented what we do. There are internal reasons for pulling this all together into our Accessibility Pledge, and external reasons.

Internally, it helps us see what accessibility means in practical terms across the whole of the AMA. It helps raise awareness that accessibility is something that impacts on everyone’s role, ensuring consistency as team members change. Although we already do a lot to make AMA as accessible as possible, it is an ongoing process.

Documenting our commitments helps keep accessibility at the front of mind for the team. The Pledge helps act as a checklist to make sure we do this consistently. It also helps by having everything in one place, as a key point of reference, that we can measure ourselves against.

Externally, we want to make it clear to people we work with what we expect from ourselves and from them. We also want to be transparent about what we are trying to achieve. That’s why we’ve documented what we already do in our draft Pledge.


Where next?

This document is a draft, as we want to get feedback from as many people as possible, to make sure that we are taking a full range of considerations into account.

We’re always open to doing things differently and better, and we hope that you can help us do that. If you have any feedback on our Accessibility Pledge, please email We will be reviewing our Accessibility Pledge in the light of this feedback in December 2019.

Being as accessible as possible is a process. We’ll be reviewing our Accessibility Pledge on a regular basis to make sure we are keeping up to date with changes, opportunities and needs. We’ll also be checking how we are doing in living up to our commitments.

Thanks for your support.

Read our Draft Accessibility Pledge

If you’re interested in our Accessibility Pledge, you might also be interested in some of our other work: Breakthrough: Building Inclusive Organisations and Audience Diversity Academy. Visit our blog to read more about the experience of people who have taken part in these programmes. You can also view our 360 Diversity Strategy, or read about how that was put into practice to diversify our Board in Arts Professional.

Image: delegates at the AMA’s Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium, February 2019. © Eleanor Howarth.