Connectors are AMA members who work for arts, culture or heritage organisations. They are AMA’s eyes ‘on the ground’, feeding back their insights to make sure we’re plugged in to the local as well as national nuances of our sector.

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Regional Connector meetings are focused on the hot topic issues that are happening in your region.

From Print to funding, these meetings happen across the country from Exeter to Edinburgh.

On average there will be 2 – 4 regional meetings in your area of the country per year


Our Cultural Connector meetings are for people who work in a specific creative medium.

We have groups, for Theatres, museums, Galleries and Heritage are always launching more.

Let our Member Community Manager, Lewis know if you’d like to lead a new one.

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These groups focus on the realities and frustrations associated with your job.

There is a group for every stage of your career.

Early Career – Powerhouses
Mid Career – Change Makers
Senior Career – Thought Leaders
Freelance – Freethinkers


Custom Connector groups are organically created groups that focus on a specific topic that is not covered by the main three strands.

The subjects these groups cover vary from the Cost of Living to Social Media Marketing.

Let our Member Community Manager, Lewis know if you’d like to lead a new one

The Connectors scheme is the AMA’s new and exciting networking offer. The new sessions include groups based on cultural medium, career as well as the current and highly successful regional meetings. They are great opportunities to meet new contacts, share and solve problems, and generally provide support for each other while learning about new trends or skills to help you.