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AMA members from around the globe

#25 AMA members from around the globe

The arts and cultural sector has always been enriched by a range of voices and perspectives and the AMA membership connects those experiences to help share learning. Here we celebrate AMA members from around the globe we invited three members to share their thoughts on what their AMA membership means to them. 

Head shot image of Anna MikhaylovaDr Anna Mikhaylova, Moscow, Russia
Research Associate, Moscow Agency of Leisure & Tourism, and Freelancer
Ideas for Museums

“I am a part-time research associate at Moscow Agency of Leisure and Tourism and freelance consultant based in Moscow, Russia, I am interested in deepening my knowledge about the tools and trends of arts marketing.

My AMA membership provides me with immensely useful opportunities: participating in online events, communication with colleagues, and access to the e-newsletter and JAM. I also enjoy learning about professional communication by exploring the AMA website and social media. These resources inspire me to develop my own project entitled Ideas for Museums. In future, I hope to attend the AMA conference and other offline events.”


Head shot image of Donna YuenDonna Yuen, Toronto, Canada
Freelance Consultant

“As an overseas member, I value the hands-on webninars and online access to ideas, best practices and tools at any time of day. Arts Marketing is a specialised field and I appreciate the insights offered by UK practitioners because they are often nuanced and different from the North American perspectives.”


Head shot photo of Pepe Zapata. Photo by Oliver Montiel.Pepe Zapata, Barcelona, Spain
TRESC Director

“For sure, being a member of the AMA is a great source of pride and satisfaction. It makes me feel becoming part of a great staff without geographical barriers. Mainly, I like participating in the AMA conference. It allows me to establish high quality networking with experts in my areas of interest (in audience development, communication and marketing) and, above all, with colleagues from other organisations to share and exchange ideas and experiences.”

Image of Pepe Zapata © Oliver Montiel.

Delegates at AMA conference 2019

For more information about AMA membership go to: Become an AMA member and the AMA’s Members’ Area.