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You Are Here: AMA conference 2020 is taking place at the Barbican, London. 

AMA Conference 2020 — You Are Here is somewhere you can take stock, plan change and make impact. The Barbican in London is the venue: traditionally a tower over a gate, a barbican is a place of safety, that enables a clear view and allows access and flow between areas. What better place for You Are Here to take place? 

London is the transport hub of the UK — as easy to get to as we can make it. We’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible, with a range of ticket types, bursaries and optional social networking events. 

There’s a wide variety of accommodation types in London, across a range of budgets, but if you’re looking at hostels or hotels, the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be. So, please don’t leave it late to get your ticket, travel and accommodation booked. 

If you need help finding cheap travel, there’s a range of tools available. While we don’t endorse and are not responsible for the content on any of these external links, if you’re looking at budgets this will give you an idea of costs: flight times and tickets bus and train tickets and journey planning

TripAdvisor Hotels & Places to Stay: price comparison and booking site

Transport for London: Public transport journey planner

We also do an accessibility review of all our venues — for more information, you can visit the Barbican’s Accessibility page, or if you have any accessibility requirements you want to discuss, please call or email Abby on or 01223 578078.

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