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AMA conference 2019: Newcastle  — AMA Conference around the web

AMA conference 2018: Liverpool AMA Conference experiences 

AMA conference 2020 — You Are Here is AMA’s 26th annual conference.

As ever, we’re looking forward to bringing together the latest thinking, learning, tactics and more. 

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Ticketsolve Podcast

Ticketsolve have launched a new podcast specifically for the Arts Industry called, The Arts and Everything In Between. In this interview-style podcast, they’ll be talking to arts industry insiders, marketing gurus, fundraising experts — anyone who can share their ideas, tips and inspiration that will help propel arts and cultural organisations forward.

You’ll find The Arts and Everything In Between on your favourite podcast service including: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcast and more. 

Download the podcast

The Digital Culture Compass

The Digital Culture Compass is a new, FREE online toolkit to support arts, culture and heritage organisations to integrate digital technology into their work from the audience agency. It is made up of a tracker to help you find your strong points and areas you might want to develop, plus a charter of best practice to give you inspiration for your digital journey.

Explore the Digital Culture Compass.

Nish Kumar and Josie Long Q&A

Last year, comedian and actor Nish Kumar gave the Queen Mary Annual Arts Lecture in association with Arts Emergency. Following his performance, he took part in a Q&A with AMA conference 2020 Keynote speaker Josie Long, on a range of topics including unpaid interships, supportive communities and quotas.

Panic! Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries

In 2018, Arts Emergency collaborated with Create and academics from the Universities of Edinburgh and Sheffield on a report titled ‘Panic! Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries’.

The report offers insights into the tastes, values and engagement of cultural workers.

Read the full report.

All For Audiences

2020 sees AMA’s 26th Conference take place. For AMA’s 25th birthday, we asked some of our members what they get out of working with audiences, what this means for them, and what their hopes are for the sector. At You Are Here, we’ll be exploring more around what the future holds…

The State of the Sector

AMA conducted its first Member Benchmarking Survey in 2019. The full report is available for members, but the summary report is open to all. It gives a snapshot of where we are now. At AMA conference 2020 — You Are Here, we’ll be looking at how we move forward, both as individuals and organisations.

Making Strategic Change

“To make changes, we have to be conscious of the systematic difficulties within the structure of organisations,” says Debbie Bandara in this AMA blog post from January 2020, in which she reflects on the challenges involved in shifting perspectives from the current “here” where they reside.

Read the full blog

IA_Day2019_image of delegate making notes

Writing Effective Copy

If your level of understanding of what makes good copy is “up here”, but the people you need to sign off your work are either removed from that understanding, or too close to the detail, it can be tricky to stand your ground.

“If you’re struggling to get your programme copy or event invitation signed off, here are three unlikely champions,” says AMA trainer, Jon Hawkins, with his practical tips to help you get your copy out the door and connecting with your audiences.

Read the full blog

Retreats speaker writing on flipchart


At Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2019, we gathered together some recommendations from delegates and the AMA team for books that have changed the way they write or act.

To understand where we are now, and how we move forward, these books can be really helpful. How many have you read? “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” by Reni Eddo-Lodge was out in front as the most read — but will it stay there?

The AMA BookClub

person reading a book

Cultural Space for the Community 

The physical location of our work or venue, the literal “here” of where you are, can determine so much. In this article, launched to coincide with the Community Engagement edition of JAM, our member magazine, Tina Ramdeen tells how Roundhouse’s youth and community work seeks to understand and overcome barriers. 

Read the article

Performance of ILINX a street show created with 50 young people, combining circus, hip hop, beatboxing and DJ’ing
Image courtesy of Roundhouse ILINX, taken by Cesare De Gigli

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