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AMA conference 2019 — Sponsors

Rewire AMA Conference 2019

Opening Night Social Sponsor

Art Fund is the national fundraising charity for art and supports the vital work of museums and galleries across the UK. We help them build and share collections, do more for their visitors and support the curators of the future.  

We also believe that museums and galleries are a great untapped wellbeing resource – read our ‘Calm and collected’ report – at We found that 63% of people visited a gallery or museum specifically to de-stress, and that people who regularly visited reported a greater sense of satisfaction. As a passionate advocate of UK museums and galleries we have always believed that art can help us see, think and feel differently.

PatronBase Logo

Innovation Partner

PatronBase provides software, innovation and expertise to organisations just like yours who produce, manage and run events, to help put your patrons at the centre of everything you do.

Our tools can be found for anything from event marketing and ticketing through to membership, venue management, loyalty, fundraising and even public wifi. No two of the organisations we serve are the same. The system allows your organisation the freedom to use your own inherent creativity to present a unique offering, reflecting the opportunities and challenges you face, and PatronBase tools and expertise support you to embrace this individuality.

PatronBase is delighted to be Innovation Partner of the AMA 2019 Conference, showcasing technology and innovation for the future of marketing.

Spektrix logo

Resilience Sponsor

Spektrix is the leading provider of cloud-based ticketing, marketing and fundraising software for the performing arts, and is proud to be the resilience supporter for AMA conference 2019 — Rewire: Culture, Audiences and You. As the trusted technology partner to over 395 arts organisations, we believe that knowledge sharing and championing best practice in audience development, income growth, and collaborative working is key to building a resilient and thriving sector.  

We’re looking forward to connecting with you at AMA Conference 2019 to discuss the strategic role that audience development, data, and collaboration can play in ensuring the long term health of the industry. 

Insights Sponsor

Tessitura Network provide a single unified system with comprehensive functionality in ticketing, membership management, fundraising, CRM, marketing, business intelligence, online/ mobile transactions, access control and more. Tessitura is designed specifically for, and understands the unique needs of arts, cultural and visitor attraction organisations. Tessitura brings customer information together, putting data at the heart of business decisions and a single customer record enables superb Customer Relationship Management. A unified system across departments dramatically improves business efficiency. 

 As Insights sponsor we will highlight ways in which organisations can embed a data driven culture, one where data is at the centre of decision making, where departments share knowledge and leaders connect with their teams through the insight data brings about our audiences and income generation. All this can be achieved with a single unified system that has user friendly tools to visualise the data not just collect and store the information. 

Digital Marketing Sponsor

Ticketsolve is a continuously evolving Box Office system. Helping arts organisations reach their goals, whether that means increasing sales, improving marketing, improving audience development, kickstarting fundraising, and everything in between, our team is always here to lend a hand.

A shared understanding within the arts industry is that data is all about information but at Ticketsolve, we believe that it is about the insight which we can pull from that information. Insight is what drives action for arts organisations. Ticketsolve encourages a data-driven mindset for our customers to enhance creative campaigns and empower more meaningful communication with their audience segments. Data is really about insights and turning those insights into decisions and ultimately actions that will empower your team to achieve your goals. At Ticketsolve, we believe that this is the real power of data and are excited about our partnership with AMA as Digital Marketing Sponsors for Rewire: Culture, Audiences and You.

Loyalty Sponsor 

TRG Arts (The Results Group for the Arts) is an international, data-driven consulting firm that teaches arts marketers, fundraisers and executive leaders a patron and loyalty-based approach to increasing sustainable revenue. Experts in the arts sector for more than 20 years, TRG Arts has gained a reputation for achieving results and building successful business models for non-profit and commercial arts organisations. TRG Arts is an industry pioneer in areas including audience loyalty development, membership and the subscription model, and dynamic pricing.