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AMA conference 2019 — programme

Rewire AMA Conference 2019

Full programme

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Opening night social

AMA conference 2019 will open with a social event at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in partnership with Art Fund. You’ll be welcomed to NewcastleGateshead at one of the region’s iconic museums and galleries, with an evening themed around wellbeing to help you relax into the conference.

Morning briefings

Art Tickets
a system for museums and galleries

Discover how Art Tickets, a ticketing system specifically designed to meet the needs of museums and galleries, can provide the tools to help improve visitor service and income generation.

We won’t Mention ‘Digital Transformation’
but you could if you want to

Explore how concepts found in large scale digital projects can lead to much wider institutional engagement with a range of issues.


Sparking Connections, Creating Change

During the opening keynote our speakers will explore how we can break the status quo by making new partnerships and strengthening previous connections.

Practical breakout sessions

Audience-Focused Content Creation

This session explores how writing for digital differs from copywriting, and how we can create engaging content that appeals to our target audiences.

Strategic breakout sessions

The Behavioural Economics of Loyalty

This session explores how to tap into audience behavior to create loyalty.

Leadership breakout sessions

Start at the Top
how to be an audience focused organisation

Aimed at senior delegates and leaders of organisations, this session will explore how ARC puts audiences at the heart of all they do by using personas to inform activity across their whole organisation.

Shared Ambition
marketing and fundraising together

In this rapid fire session, you’ll hear about the changes that two of the organisations who participated in Shared Ambition have made, and how the programme continues to impact their organisations.

Suitable for all

Turbo-charge your Creative Confidence

Experience the glorious highs of creative flow during this field trip, which is designed to unblock your unproductive thinking habits, make you laugh and change the way you think.

Rewiring the Body with RADA Business

This practical session will explore how we can communicate with impact by being conscious of our vocal tone and body language.

The Big Marketing Challenge

This competition will challenge your problem solving skills and encourages collaboration with fellow delegates.

Pricing Power to the People!
dynamic pricing that enhances audience engagement

This sponsored session will explore emerging trends in dynamic pricing and tactics organisations can use to accurately price their performances.


What will You Do?

The closing keynote is suitable for all delegates and will challenge us to think deeply about the powerful changes we — as individuals operating within organisations — can make.

Practical breakout sessions

the basics

In this session you’ll learn essential signing words, phrases and conversation pieces so you can communicate with your d/Deaf audiences and colleagues.

Connecting Audience Data

This session is for anyone who wants to put their organisation’s marketing data to work for them.

Marketing 101

Discover the fundamentals of marketing, from audience insight, to campaign planning and everything in between.

Search Engine Optimisation that’s Simple Easy and Outstanding

Discover how to get search engines working in your favour, from the technical basics, to where to focus your efforts and — just as importantly — where not to waste your time.

Strategic breakout sessions

Developing and Sustaining Inclusive Audiences

This session looks at partnership models and the interconnectivity of diversity in relation to your own practice.

Rewiring your Internal Communications

This session explores how we can drive positive change across our organisation through strong internal communications.

Programmatic Advertising

This session will explore how programmatic advertising can help create the right content for your audience and digital platforms, whatever your budget.

Leadership breakout sessions

Whose City of Culture?

This session explores the realities of culture-led regeneration.

The Best Place to be Young
a case study

Discover key learnings from the City of Dreams project across Newcastle, which aims to engage people under 25 with the city’s arts and cultural offers.

Futureproofing our Audiences

This session explores how you can balance budgets, inventory and competing priorities alongside ambitious audience development strategies.

Suitable for all

Going it Alone, Together

This lunch is for anyone who is a freelancer, freelance consultant or thinking of going freelance.

Whether you’re already a freelancer, freelance consultant or you’re simply thinking about going it alone, come along to our Freelance lunch to share the pitfalls, pluses and practicalities of freelancer life.

The Big Debate

This is your chance to get involved and have a say on some of the most important issues impacting the cultural sector today.

Plug in to. Switch on. Stay Connected.

In this sponsored session, London Calling + Culture Calling reveal the results of their latest consumer survey which takes a closer look at understanding what culture means to people today.

Wednesday evening socials

By The River Brew Co.

Join us to unwind at By The River Brew Co., an independent container community that lives and breathes beneath the iconic Tyne Bridge on the Gateshead side of the river.

Destination Dinners

Take part in one of AMA conference’s Destination Dinners — smaller, more intimate evenings for up to 10 people.

Morning briefings

Owning your Potential
mentoring for progress

This session will explore the skills you can gain by becoming a mentor.

Connecting through Culture Export
expand internationally with The Culture Diary

Discover how the Culture Diary has helped UK culture organisations reach potential new audiences abroad.


Talking Brand

Explore what role our brands play and how we can use them to effect change.

Practical breakout sessions

Rewire your Marketing
creating consistent messaging

Discover how to do digital marketing on a shoestring budget and at scale, including social media and digital advertising.

How to Produce a Podcast In-House

This session will take you step-by-step through every aspect of podcast production.

Strategic breakout sessions

a book launch, a pop-up shop and a new partnership

This session explores partnership working and cross-sector relationship building.

Designing Public Value with Purpose

This session will offer insights into how you can develop a compelling public value narrative that will contribute to your organisational resilience.

Leadership breakout sessions

Defining Insight
the Leader’s role in data-driven decision making

During this session you will discover how not all data is insight, and that relevance is the key factor in discovering actionable insight.

Rewiring Leadership

During this session you will discover new, international, leadership styles and the value of international collaborations and networking.

Suitable for all

Ideas Lab

Help find the solution to the challenge of tickletless events in the cultural sector. This will be the perfect space for generating ideas and solutions with your peers.

One-to-One — Lisa Baxter, the Experience Business

Sit down with Lisa and troubleshoot a particular visitor experience challenge you may be facing.


Making a Difference

During his closing keynote, you will hear Lemn speak about his own experiences of change; of the potential that’s held in making connections and challenging silos.

Practical breakout sessions

Rewire your Marketing
creating consistent messaging

Discover how to do digital marketing on a shoestring budget and at scale, including social media and digital advertising.

Marketing 101

Discover the fundamentals of marketing, from audience insight, to campaign planning and everything in between.

Crisis Communications
averting reputational damage

This session looks at how to prepare for crises of the anticipated and unanticipated variety, through effective crisis communications strategies.

Rethinking your Social Media

Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? Join us in this session where Chris Unitt will show you ways to reinvigorate your approach to social media.

Strategic breakout sessions

a digital story

Discover how New York Public Library’s ‘Insta Novels’ project helped to grow the Library’s Instragram followers by nearly 100,000 in the first month.

Partnerships and Co-Creation
the impact on audiences

Discover how partnership working and sharing decision-making power impacts audience engagement.

Reaching Rural Communities

During this session you will delve into models of co-production and what it means to offer authentic creative direction with ‘young peers’.

The Power of Audio
telling compelling stories through the medium of podcasting

During this session you will explore the current boom in podcasting, why the medium is so well-suited to arts and cultural organisations and what stories you should be telling.

CRM from Scratch
how the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment is rewiring relationships with its audience

Discover how the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment have increased ticket revenue and encouraged new people to sign up as Supporters through the creation of their own CRM system.

Leadership breakout sessions

Becoming Data-Led

Discover how the Royal Opera House has put data at the heart of their audience strategy by restructuring their team and rejigging their budget.

How Brand Strategy is Key to Organisational Success (but its got to come from within)

During this session you’ll explore how having a compelling brand is key to building relationships with audiences and driving organisational success.

From Marketer to CEO

This session explores what you might need to think about before you take the next step in your leadership journey and how to give yourself a break in the process.

The Value of Benchmarking
3 things you never knew about arts business models

Explore the initial findings of the Arts and Culture Fundraising dashboard, designed to help organisations compare and contrast business models and their achievements in income diversification.

Suitable for all

One-to-One — Lisa Baxter, the Experience Business

Sit down with Lisa and troubleshoot a particular visitor experience challenge you may be facing.

10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Mental-Health — starting the conversation about wellbeing in the arts

This sponsored session explores how a focus on wellbeing provides an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Other experiences

Alongside the main programme and social events there are a tonne of other opportunities on offer, incuding:

AMA Connect Pods where you can ask the experts for support with your own personal and organisational challenges.

Ideas Lab gives you the chance to hack the challenge posed by hosting ticketless events. You will use the Innovation Drill ideation model to generate ideas and solutions with your peers.

The Big Debate is your chance to have a say on some of the most important issues impacting the cultural sector today.

Freelancer Lunch on day one of the conference is for freelancers, or those considering going freelance, to attend for networking, support and advice.

The Big Marketing Challenge gives you just 75 minutes to work in a team to solve a creative challenge posed by a facilitator.


The final AMA conference 2019 timetable is still being finalised. This sample timetable gives an idea of how your day will be split at AMA conference 2019.

You can download this example timetable by clicking on the image.