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Rewire AMA Conference 2019

Other experiences at conference

Ideas Lab

Help find the solution to one of the cultural sector’s biggest challenges. The perfect space for generating ideas with your peers.

You’ll pull the issue apart, hack, ideate and collaborate to devise a strategy that will see challenges solved and solutions created.

AMA Connect Pods

Ask the experts for support with your own personal and organisational challenges.

These quiet, bookable spaces will pay host to one-2-ones, surgeries and discussion groups. With guidance from leading experts on a variety of subjects, they will be some of the most in-demand sessions at AMA conference 2019.

The Big Debate

This is your chance to have a say on some of the most important issues impacting the cultural sector today.

Join the conversation, hear views from our panel members and ask the big questions.

Freelancer Lunch

Whether you’re already a freelancer, freelance consultant or you’re simply thinking about going it alone, come along to our Freelancer lunch on day one of the conference for networking, support and advice.

The Big Marketing Challenge

Join a team and get collaborating. In just 75 minutes, you must work together to solve a creative challenge posed by the facilitator.

A great way to meet other delegates, stretch your imagination and receive recognition from your peers when we announce the winners at the closing keynote.

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