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AMA conference 2019 — Exhibitors

Rewire AMA Conference 2019



Art Fund is the national fundraising charity for art and supports the vital work of museums and galleries across the UK. We help them build and share collections, do more for their visitors and support the curators of the future.   

We also believe that museums and galleries are a great untapped wellbeing resource — read our ‘Calm and collected’ report — at We found that 63% of people visited a gallery or museum specifically to de-stress, and that people who regularly visited reported a greater sense of satisfaction. As a passionate advocate of UK museums and galleries we have always believed that art can help us see, think and feel differently. 

Bricks McGee works with museums to deliver engaging content with LEGO bricks. From workshops designed to educated and inspire to LEGO exhibitions to amaze and entertain, it’s amazing what little plastic bricks can do for your venue!  

Workshops allow a variety of activities to be run, from building local landmarks, to drag racing & LEGO robots, and can be targeted at a range of age groups – even adults! 

LEGO model exhibitions provide a new way for your venue to interpret its most prized and notable exhibits, and bring welcome footfall to you when you need it most. 

I’ve worked with organisations including Science Museum Group, National Justice Museum, Leeds City Council and museums across the country, and am happy to tailor to fit your latest themes and requirements. 

Come and see play pits from Brick Pits, too – foam-sided and full of LEGO bricks, great for special events or long term hire. 

Chocolate Films create stunning video content for arts and culture. We’ve been working with museums, galleries, heritage sites, theatres and performers since 2001 to create a wide range of films, from targeted campaigns on social media to exhibition AV content and feature-length documentaries.

We’re a full service production company with an in-house team across London and Glasgow, meaning we can support all of your video needs from creative development through to distribution. We’re also a Social Enterprise, using our profits to support a workshop programme that empowers thousands of young people and vulnerable adults each year to be creative with fun and accessible filmmaking experiences. By working with Chocolate Films, you invest in a new, diverse generation of filmmakers.

Come and find our stand at #AMAconf to discuss how we can support your marketing strategy, to take away our guide on how to use video to connect with your audience and… to help yourself to some Chocolate!

Purple Seven — Powering your audience relationships

Our suite of practical tools and actionable insights reveal how your audiences are actually engaging, giving you control to manage the customer journey.  

Intuitive data-driven dashboards and user-friendly modules make it easy to set targets, measure progress and deliver strategy – whilst ensuring audiences are at the heart of your marketing decision-making.  

By increasing engagement, you will drive revenues; making it possible to do more of what you do, for more people, more often, making a greater impact.

Stagetext is a nationwide charity that opens the doors to arts and culture for the 11million of us who are d/Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing.

By using captions and live subtitles, Stagetext can help more people regain lost experiences, rediscover the joy of theatre and explore new worlds in museums and galleries.

Established in 2000, Stagetext is a d/Deaf led charity who still embody the determination of their founders to improve access to arts and culture for people with all types of deafness.

The Audience Agency is a mission-led charity: our purpose is to enable cultural organisations to use our national data to increase their relevance, reach and resilience.

We believe arts and culture have the power to improve the quality of people’s lives, to create meaning and community, to promote empathy and learning. Our mission is to give the public a voice in shaping a vibrant, relevant culture.

We strive to bring data and insight to our colleagues in inspiring and engaging ways, which solve real-life problems.

The Culture Diary is the government resource for the culture and creative industries. Based at DCMS and part of the GREAT Britain Campaign, it aims to increase UK cultural export and is where officials, UK embassies and the sector find activity in their region. With 9,000 organisations already registered, we are the one stop for UK cultural touring and promote key activity through social media, monthly newsletters and potentially via the GREAT Britain Campaign using your imagery in print and online. Register & upload events and tours – we’ll promote them online through our international networks. 

The Graphic Design House was formed 15 years ago and has grown to become a design agency of twenty-five creative, down-to-earth individuals. 

Our capabilities include:- 

  • Branding and strategy –from repositioning to refresh and logo creation 
  • Concept, image development and ideas generation 
  • Advertising campaigns 
  • Physical collateral creation – programmes, brochures, flyers, stickers, special editions, marketing material 
  • Digital collateral creation – website front end, banners, animations, apps 
  • Typography 
  • Illustration 
  • Content Creation 

We have a wide portfolio of Theatre and venue clients who are always seeking even more differentiation in their highly competitive sector in order to grow, develop and deliver financially. The difference between a good experience and a truly memorable one is remarkable service that it is entirely personalised to you.  

Five Star Client Service: 

  • Account managers provide a clear time table, project plans, milestones and clear outcomes, objectives and outputs 
  • We become your virtual ‘pair of hands’, people you can count on that are reliable, consistent, trustworthy and deliver. 
  • Outstanding communication. Our clients are located all over the UK. We are used to ensuring 

that communication is an easy, straightforward process. 

  • Personalise our management processes to suit you. We harness a wide variety of tools and procedures to support us in this. 

At TGDH we believe great questions lead to great design. Our curiosity opens up possibilities and ideas which we mix with our knowledge. We translate these into propositions and tangible creative material that deliver profound results for you. 

We call that the magic. 

Theatre Tokens is the only nationwide theatre gift voucher scheme and has been running since 1984.

The scheme started as, and continues to be, a not-for-profit audience development initiative to drive attendance to our participating theatres.

Theatre Tokens can be used at more than 250 venues nationwide, including London’s West End, and with no expiry date they are the perfect gift for anyone…at any time.

Let them see the show they want, when they want, with Theatre Tokens.

TLS – Boca Systems distributes BOCA thermal ticket printers, tickets and other related products such plastic cards and barcode scanners through its international network of subsidiaries.

For enquiries to our UK Office please call 0203 086 8877 or email

The sturdy BOCA thermal ticket printer is the industry standard for fast, high-quality thermal printing. Moreover, the combination of the BOCA printers and our tickets guarantees carefree and secure ticketing.

As the BOCA printer has become the industry standard, we are often asked to adjust a BOCA printer for special applications. These applications often require a modification of one of the standard BOCA printers. In these cases, TLS – Boca Systems will not hesitate helping you to find and even build a tailor-made solution.

TLS – Boca Systems mainly supplies their products through its system partners. These partners supply the BOCA printers and/or tickets to their end user(s). Our end users mainly operate in the following areas:

Stadiums, Cinemas, Theatres, Congress & Exhibition Centres, Family & Leisure parks, Museums, Ticketing Services, Zoos & Aquariums, Airports & Air Traffic Control and Public Transport.

Vatic provides dynamic pricing software for performing arts and ticketed venues. Vatic’s Dynamic Pricing Tool was created over the past ten years by Sean Kelly while Vice President of Marketing for the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The Tool utilizes powerful algorithms to monitor the fifteen factors that can affect pricing for performing arts organizations, applying your budget and capacity goals to ensure that you maximize revenue as well as sell more tickets. Vatic has managed the pricing for more than 1400 performances of all artistic disciplines. This past season, Vatic’s clients averaged double digit growth in single ticket revenue per performance and a 5:1 return on investme