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AMA conference 2019 — around the web

Rewire AMA Conference 2019

“You should feel immensely proud of putting together such an inspirational & brilliantly representative conference. It really was a marvel and I’m still feeling the positive effects a week later.”

Kieran Chapman,
Head of Marketing,
Royal Opera House

AMA conference 2019 — Around the Web

Delegates, sponsors and exhibitors alike left AMA conference 2019 buzzing with ideas and have taken to the internet to share their experiences and top tips taken from the sessions.

We are collating everything we can find on this page to share with our members, but the internet is a big place, so if you have written/produced something and we haven’t included it, please send a link to your piece to Jemma.


You could feel the love on social media throughout AMA conference and Twitter was flooded by the hashtag #AMAconf.

You can see a selection of our favourite Tweets in our Twitter Moment.


Delegate blog posts

Please be aware that these links will take you away from the AMA website.

citizens logo

AMA conference round up AMA conference

Keren Nicol from Citizens Theatre has written about the ‘big ideas’ that have stayed with her since AMA conference 2019. Keren Nicol from Citizens Theatre has written a round up of the ‘big ideas’ that have stayed with her

AMA conference notes — growth, bingo and kindness

Sam Freeman from Theatr Clwyd has written up his notes and opinions from conference into 2 blog posts. Line break Line break Line break


AMA conference 2019 AMA conference

Jack Bazeley-Harris from Cog Design has written about his top tips from this year’s conference.
Jack Bazeley-Harris from Cog Design has written about his top tips from this year’s conference
Jack Bazeley-Harris from Cog


5 important things about talking to your audience…

Liz Clarke from Turned On Its Head has written a great blog post, sharing what she learnt about communicating with audiences.

RADA Business

Growth mindset and finding your voice

Emily Gallagher from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art has taken inspiration from Melanie Eusebe’s Keynote, and written about the concept of a ‘growth mindset’ and the impact it has already had on her.

Exhibitor and Sponsor blog posts

Chocolate Films Logo PNG

These 3 copywriting tips can help you produce better video content

Alexandra Lens from Chocolate Films has taken inspiration from the session Audience-Focused Content Creation, and written about applying the top 3 principles from the session to video content creation.

Ticketsolve at AMA Rewire — getting started with internal communications

Ticketsolve have written up their notes from one of their favourite sessions, Rewiring your Internal Communications.

Reverse Mentoring: My antidote to becoming a grumpy old man Reverse Mentoring: My antidote 

David Brownlee from TRG Arts has written about his takeaway concept from AMA conference 2019 — Reverse Mentoring.

From the AMA


You can view the complete infographic in the Blog section of our website

Delegates sat round a table talking

25 Years of #AMAconf

Did you see the conference timeline on the third floor of the Sage?

Discover how this AMA 25 project was created.

“I was mightily impressed with the conference this year. You all must have worked so hard to put it together and make everyone feel so welcome. Thank you.”

Richard Scandrett,
Head of Marketing and Communications,

Pre-conference blog posts

Creating an Access Culture #AMAconf

Sally McGrath from Supercool gives us 5 top tips in creating an Access culture for your digital marketing team ...
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Strong internal communications #AMAconf

Eleanor Appleby, Head of Visitor Communications at Tate answers the question: How can strong internal communications build strong organisations? ...
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Working in a rural context #AMAconf

Justine Wheatley, Chief Executive at Peak answers the question: What are the particular challenges of being an organisation based in a rural context? ...
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The strongest brands in our sector #AMAconf

Eleanor Appleby, Head of Visitor Communications at Tate answers the question: Which cultural organisations do you think have the strongest brands and why?  ...
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A whistle-stop guide to NewcastleGateshead #AMAconf

The AMA's Senior Marketing Officer - Events, Jemma Green, whose family come from Newcastle, has written a short guide to the North East for AMA conference 2019 delegates ...
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Making Change — Melanie Eusebe #AMAconf

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I'm in my organisation - it's just me, what can I do to drive change?", a quick dose of AMA conference 2019 Keynote speaker Melanie Eusebe in this vlog might be just what you need ...
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The importance of being audience-focused — a leader’s perspective #AMAconf

We asked Annabel Turpin, Chief Executive & Artistic Director of ARC in Stockton on Tees: As a CEO, why do you think it is important to be audience-focused? ...
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The Big Marketing Challenge #AMAconf — what can you expect?

The Big Marketing Challenge facilitator, Jo Taylor lets us know why she is looking forward to her session at AMA conference 2019 and what delegates can expect from it ...
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6 reasons why…#AMAconf

This blog post outlines 6 great, practical reasons to attend AMA conference 2019 ...
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Other images — AMA conference 2019 (c) Marion Botella