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Image of Sara Devine and team working in an agile way

All about agile #AMAiterate

Sara Devine, Manager of Audience Engagement and Interpretive Materials at the Brooklyn Museum will be speaking at our next Digital Marketing Day – Iterate and Innovate. Here she describes what you can expect from her keynote and practical breakout sessions.
I’ve shared my experience with agile planning quite a few times over the last few years and have noticed some trends in people’s reactions to the concept of agile. Namely, many people find agile intimidating. I believe this stems from the misunderstanding that agile is a rigid and unforgivable process when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. Yes, there are procedures to follow that constitute best practice but the very nature of agile planning is nimble and responsive. The whole point of agile is to take things one step at a time: to test a single idea, evaluate, and iterate. That’s a pretty forgivable process. After all, it’s hard to get too far down a wrong path when the planning process relies on incremental steps.
Dispelling this misunderstanding is one of my main goals when I work with the fellows of the Digital Marketing Academy (DMA) – and, for that matter, the Audience Diversity Academy, too. Encouraging an iterative working process is one of the strengths of the DMA. Few of the fellows entering the academy have ever had a chance to work in an agile way, and DMA provides that opportunity. What’s really gratifying is helping the fellows adapt agile planning components to work within the peculiarities of their institutions and the specific goals of their projects.
During Digital Marketing Day, I will be sharing my experiences with agile planning at the Brooklyn Museum during a keynote session. At Brooklyn, we’ve used agile planning for projects large and small, both of which I’ll share with you. Following the keynote, I’ll be leading two practical sessions on agile. In my time working with the DMA, I’ve noticed that many of the fellows come in with similar challenges (variations on a theme if you will). These shared challenges will be the starting point for my workshop session(s), where we’ll work together in groups to plan sample tests in an agile way. Ideally, between the keynote and workshop, you leave the conference with a basic grasp of agile and some ideas on how to adapt it to your own projects. I look forward to seeing you there!
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