We want the AMA to be as accessible as possible for people to work for and work with. We want to remove obstacles that might prevent people accessing and engaging with us – whether as customers, partners, suppliers or employees.

This Pledge sets out our commitment to making that happen.

AMA’s Accessibility Pledge

Training & Events 

Our Programme and Events team will review all programmed content and tools for accessibility and usability.  

Every venue used for an AMA event is wheelchair accessible with step-free access to all relevant spaces. 

All our event booking confirmations include access information from the relevant venues. More detailed information is available on request. We are working towards making more information available on demand via the AMA website.

All our events take access into consideration. For example, building in comfort breaks, considering manageable start and end times, geographical locations, public transport links, and providing live subtitles when we can.

We have introduced digital tickets to some larger AMA events to enable access without the need for travel. This also supports our environmental aims.  

Our events team are always available to chat through how we can best support you in accessing our events. This includes dietary and access requirements. Please contact danielle@a-m-a.co.uk or abby@a-m-a.co.uk  for more information. 

We are working towards breaking down barriers to attending our events. Previous examples include providing a crèche for those with childcare needs, and we ensure there is an access budget available for events so that any delegates who let us know of specific access needs can have their needs met.

Website & Resources

View our website accessibility statement

We review the accessibility of our website on a regular basis to keep up to date with latest advances and changes, working to maintain WCAG 2.1 AA compliance. 

We will consider access needs when creating member resources, e.g. subtitled videos, and large print versions. 

We will work to ensure that our website can be accessed by a range of browsers and devices to cater for user preferences/needs. 

We will assess our content and online tools for accessibility and usability using established accessibility standards.

We make accessibility a key consideration in the development of future content and resources. 

Where possible, when collecting demographic data on our members and participants, we include disability status alongside other protected characteristics.  

AMA Team, Suppliers and Partners 

We do our best to make AMA team and partner meetings accessible, e.g. providing lip-speakers where required. 

We aim to make meetings accessible for those who can’t attend in person, e.g. video conferencing or providing notes. 

We include accessibility guidelines in our speakers’ and trainers’ briefing notes, e.g. minimum font size for slides. 

We make sure all AMA recruitment and HR-related documents can be provided in large-print as needed, and is screen-reader accessible. We are reviewing our recruitment processes to make them as accessible as possible.

We strive to remove any systemic obstacles that may prevent someone from working at AMA. 

Accessibility Queries

If you have any queries about accessibility, email info@a-m-a.co.uk

For enquiries specific to events, email Dani or Abby danielle@a-m-a.co.uk or abby@a-m-a.co.uk.