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14th August 2018 Jemma Green

My AMA conference 2018 Experience — Ffion Strong

Ffion Strong , Digital Marketing Officer, Galeri Caernarfon

As someone who is generally quite shy, the AMA conference was a great experience for me! The first timers meet up was a great opportunity to meet new new people. I met my North Wales rep, Crayg who helped introduce me to Nancy from Theatr Na Nog who I had been emailing about a show recently.  I also met a very old friend (from secondary school which was a bonus!) and along the way to the first night mixer I met new people had some very interesting conversations.The first night social/ mixer was hugely important (for me) to get to know people and other companies in an informal setting, before the conference began. It also made me more confident in approaching other delegates during the week.

The keynotes (all of them) were a main highlight of my time at the conference. The opening keynote was engaging and funny but also highlighted important issues that need to be addressed in the industry. Tom from GiffGaff  was very engaging and very funny. His ‘activity’ meant I met someone from another theater in Wales, who otherwise I probably wouldn’t have talked to during the conference.

My favorite breakout session by about resilience with Erin Coppell from Tessitura. It wasn’t something I had really thought about before. Her tasks were enlightening in how I view myself (how others may view me) and how I can alter my attitude or methods to become more resilient and make the company I work for, more resilient.

The closing keynote, was exactly what was needed to close the conference (in my opinion). A conference like this really gets you motivated and thinking of all the new and wonderful things you’ll be doing with this new found or rediscovered information. Tatina’s ‘The Joy of Missing Out’, made me realise that to be successful in your work and achieve your goals doesn’t mean you only have to be engaged with work. You need to engage with your family and friends and take care of yourself in order to accomplish your goals.

I am so grateful for the bursary that meant I was able to attend the AMA Conference this year. I would encourage anyone in the sector to attend and gain some useful knowledge, information and make new friends and contacts. Fingers crossed I will be able to attend next year!