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My AMA conference 2018 Experience — Rachel Long Smith

Rachel Long Smith, Creative Director, Narrate

Firstly, I absolutely loved the opening of the conference, it was a really unique and an interesting way to get people engaged and everyone was talking about it throughout the rest of the conference.

This strong focus on diversity in the industry felt spot on. It is such an important topic right now so it was really great to know that the AMA was also focusing on this.

I attended the user experience field trip/workshop, ‘walking in your visitors shoes’ and I found this really helpful to consider the visitors perspective. It made me realise that there are lots of instances where it would be helpful to develop personas before delving into any design work. This will be particularly useful to me when working on signage projects for arts institutions.

Chelsea Slater, Liverpool Girl Geeks

One of the talks that stood out to me was by Chelsea Slater from Liverpool Girl Geeks. She gave some great information on how to engage with young people and how to think about your audience, what makes them tick and how to respond to their needs.

 On the Friday evening I went to one of the Destination Dinners, and from this experience I would highly recommend doing this. I met a great bunch of women (sadly no men our table!) who were really interesting, inspiring and super fun! We chatted all evening and have since connected outside of the conference. Oh, and there food was really delicious too.

Overall the AMA Conference experience was great. It was informative, inspiring and fun and I will definitely be going next year.