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2025: A World of Pure Imagination — how the arts mastered digital…

Image courtesy of the National Railway Museum © Science Museum Group 3

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What is it about?

Prepare for a leap into the future. Digital specialists IE will gaze into the crystal ball to see what the digital arts marketing landscape looks like in 2025 and how we got there.
Carl will take the audience on a short time jump into an optimistic 2025 to analyse where digital marketing has gone over the intervening years. With an ever expanding audience base of technologically savvy consumers, what trends will lead to digital utopia for arts organisations?
Looking at both the creative and practical uses for digital content and services in the arts landscape, this whistle stop time travel story will cover topics such as augmented reality, AI, video streaming, live capture, dynamic content and the future of the web experience for your arts loving customers.

What will I gain?

— Ideas for breaking down barriers to experimentation and innovation
— Challenging thoughts on the nature of content you can and will produce
— Optimism for the future of technology!

Who is it for?

Suitable for mid to senior marketeers, digital executive, content creators and lovers of experimentation and adventure.

Carl Timms | Senior Digital Consultant | IE Digital
This session is sponsored by:
IE Digital