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3rd October 2017 Bea Udeh

You don’t know what you don’t know. #ADA

Bulwell Arts Festival 2017

Carrie Blake, is Broadway’s Marketing and Outreach Assistant.  She’s currently developing engagement activities for and with Children, Young people and Families in North Nottingham and Nottingham City, aiming to increase socio-economic diversity of participants engaging with Broadway’s creative learning programme.

Reach outLearn ExperimentSucceed or FailUnderstandGrowEstablish This is pinned to my wall and serves as a reminder whenever I forget to challenge my own assumptions- Reach outLearn! Or when I find myself bogged down in a ‘business as usual’ mindset.  Experiment!  Or sometimes if my confidence has taken a nosedive Succeed or Fail – Understand – Grow!  Or when there has been a positive turning point and visible difference, Establish… and then, a firm nudge not to get complacent… Start again!

Reaching Out. We were fortunate to have seed funding to continue our community cinema project.  Building on the legacy of the initial project has allowed us to further grow relationships with community volunteers in North Nottingham making a cinema experience more accessible in areas of economic deprivation, supporting volunteers to host screenings at venues familiar to the community.

Taking ourselves off to a community arts festival in Bulwell, provided some useful informal insights, we were able to talk with people about the range of activities we had to offer and see first-hand what people were drawn to.

More organisational conversations around data collection would have been beneficial, as the restrictions around how we could conduct this meant that we couldn’t glean data via our original paper questionnaire; and lack of WiFi at the venue stopped us from gathering information online. We did miss an opportunity to gain some information for analysis.

However this has allowed time for more reflection and a revised approach, and the experience was really worthwhile, we found that there is a great existing network of artists and strong community led creative activity.  I’ll continue to Reach outLearn and remember not to make assumptions, after all no one wants others parachuting into their community thinking they know what’s wanted and needed.  A useful and enjoyable day connecting with communities in Bulwell and proof to us that we need to do more of the same.

To me it’s important that we refine, grow and develop what we have started throughout this process.  In order to achieve this, it’s crucial that this is closely aligned with Broadway’s organisational ethos, to, embed a Lifelong love of Film and Inspire creativity.  The approach has been to reach out to a wider range of people in their own community on their terms, getting to know each other, before we expect them to come and see us on our patch.