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11th August 2017 Laurie Kremer

We all have stories to tell #AMAconf

Kimberley O’Hara, Marketing Officer at Theatre Hullabaloo gives us a glimpse into her AMA conference 2017 experience in Belfast. Kimberley was a bursary recipient for people in the early stages of their career.

AMA conference, my first time and what an adventure.

Amazing would be a good word to sum it up.

From the venue… Belfast…. The Titanic Museum (Stunning), Belfast Waterfront (ideal) to the fantastic Destination Dinners (with a grown-up lemonade, of course) from start to finish – what an experience.

Two jam-packed days of programmes, sessions and speakers that has taught me so much. I will never forget the passion of Debris Stevenson or the brilliance of Jane Cordell and absolutely loved the style of Brad Carlin, whose creativity and energy just shone through.

Meeting so many passionate people over three days, felt as if we were part of one big team. All willing to learn and share ideas.

If I had to pick just one thing that I’ve taken away with me, and that’s a really difficult thing to do, it’s the value and power of storytelling – we should share our stories more, they help us connect with each other and our audiences. More importantly, we all have stories to tell and I’m excited to try new ideas and create engaging and meaningful content.

Thank you for the opportunity AMA and I really hope there’s a next time.