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1st August 2011 Sara Lock

The business of experiences (BNW16)

Toby Chadd reflects on his first AMA conference …

Blog 7 Thinking back to Glasgow, there are certain things that stick in the mind. My brief recce onto the dance floor of the Corinthian Club is certainly one, but that aside I’ve brought away some specific practices and some broader ideas. There are things to act on directly: Kate Sanderson’s practical guide to key performance indicators and monitoring campaigns, and Jane Finnis on Google Analytics – both of which are so simple but completely essential

Most striking for me was Jerry Yoshitomi’s opening keynote, which encapsulated so much in one bold mantra: we are in the business of experiences.

His idea that the experience should be so good that the audience come back even if there is no ‘performance’ has inspired me to revisit our audience’s interaction with us at every stage, and to place new emphasis on the absolute importance of this experience. And this isn’t just a marketing responsibility; it necessarily runs through the whole organisation.

So much springs from Jerry’s central theme: Will McInnes on the power of community; Mark Robinson on the importance of personality and the ability of the audience to connect with it. All of this amounts not necessarily to a new idea, but it certainly does bring a new perspective and a whole lot of inspiration.

Image: Jerry Yoshitomi, keynote presentation
AMA conference 2011 images: Leo Cinicolo



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