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16th January 2017 Rebecca Moore

To the next step… #DMA

Anna Kelner and Rachel Marriner at West Yorkshire Playhouse share their experience on the Digital Marketing Academy.

There’s always a next step. A new idea.

There is no area of research where this is more relevant than within the digital world. There’s always a new app, different technology, something else one could be doing. With this in mind we went about improving our already established digital communications channels, whilst engaging with ideas relatively new to us as an organisation, such as Live Streaming. All the while attempting to get to grips with Google Analytics in order to find a way to evaluate our success.

This is where we are, and as we sign off from the Academy there’s still some work to do… To the next step…

Click on the image below to view the journey of our experience

West Yorkshire Playhouse experiments

West Yorkshire Playhouse experiments

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