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1st June 2015 Verity Sanderson

Successful database marketing

Image from CCR Data

In theatres and arts venues customer data is the key ingredient to successful communications, here Nikki Fox from CCR Data (the AMA Conference 2015 Supporter) explains the key to successful database marketing.

Are you about to launch a Capital Appeal – how can you use your database to successfully target individuals? Do you have high profile memberships that you need to market and how do you ensure that you are generating a return on investment? Many venues rely on seat sponsorships to transform venues, how do you manage this effectively? Have you considered wealth screening your database?

By wealth screening your data you can pinpoint wealthy individuals who are already affiliated with your theatre or venue.

Wealth profiling is a form of data enrichment which quite simply adds factual wealth-related information to your database. Information such as wealth band or investment type can provide huge insight into the value of a customer or prospect.

Identify wealthy customers and prospects using wealth profiling
Over 250,000 of the wealthiest people in the UK could be at your fingertips and this figure is increasing by 800 every month. You can use our wealth screening service to tag records who are liquid asset millionaires. Further information can be gained by snapshot, standard or full reports.

Make informed marketing decisions with wealth profiling
Knowing the facts about the individuals on your database is key to communicating with them. You cannot target someone effectively without knowing something more than their name and address.

Wealth profiling will help you to plan and execute specific campaigns which will yield a high return on investment (ROI)
Once you know who your wealthy customers or prospects are, you can create specific campaigns for each segment of data. This gives you the ability to change contact method, offer type and many other criteria for each segment. It’s about using your budget in the most effective manner and producing the highest possible return on your investment; wealth profiling enables a top down approach to start with your most valuable assets.

There a large number of benefits brought to you with data enrichment:
1. Fill the holes in your data for a full understanding of prospect
2. Don’t waste money on ineffective campaigns
3. Save money by sending the right messages to the right people
4. Get the results your business needs with targeted campaigns
5. Find the best new prospects and increase return of investment

So, let us help you create a complete view of your customers with our innovative and effective data enrichment tools. CCR pioneered this service many years ago and have vast experience working with data to screen for wealth. In fact we are so confident in our processes that we feel confident enough to make the bold claim of having the most effective wealth screening service in the market. So you see, by filling in the gaps and enhancing your existing data, you’re turning basic data into valuable knowledge.

In order to discover who your wealthy individuals are, simply contact CCR Data if you would like to arrange a free data audit. This report will provide the initial insight completely free of charge.

CCR Data are Conference Supporter of the AMA Conference 2015.

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