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8th July 2015 Verity Sanderson

Stay Curious Speaker Spot: Carolyn Royston

Speaker blog post from AMA conference 2015

Image of Carolyn Royston

We asked Carolyn Royston some questions about Digital Transformation, the breakout session for senior delegates in the Advanced Arena that she will be delivering at this year’s AMA conference.

Describe your conference session in less than 50 words:

We will be exploring two key questions:
How is digital making us change how our organisations need to function?
How can you kickstart a transformation and introduce different mindsets for working and collaborating?

What are the top 3 things delegates will learn or take away from your conference session?

1. Digital transformation for cultural organisations requires a change in organisational mindset and culture. It’s not a technology issue.

2. Digital is making us change how organisations need to function. We need to better understand the impact it is having on the way we serve our visitors or customers, the way staff work and collaborate and on daily operations and processes.

3. There are key areas to focus on that bring meaningful change and can kick-start a digital transformation process. These areas are centred on the leadership team having a clear vision for digital and understanding what it can do for the organisation, building digital confidence amongst staff and introducing new processes to support a digital workplace.

Why should delegates attend your session?

Cultural organisations are facing the challenges of rapid change driven by the growing digital demands of their audiences, increasing financial pressures requiring more efficient delivery of services and the speed in which digital technologies are permeating every area of activity.

This session will discuss what it really takes to transform into digital-first thinking organisations and how to manage that transformation process. And why now is the time to make a critical digital shift in the way that your organisation thinks about and delivers its digital programmes and services.

What are you looking forward to most at the AMA Conference?

The AMA has put together a really great programme for the conference and I’m so pleased to see digital fully integrated throughout. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the digital opportunities and challenges for arts organisations around digital delivery. I’m also excited to meet new people and grow my network.

Have we sparked your curiosity? Further details about this year’s sessions are available on our conference website.


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