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11th June 2015 Verity Sanderson

Stay Curious Speaker Spot: Carol Jones

Speaker blog post for conference 2015

Carol Jones

In the first of our Stay Curious Speaker Spots we caught up with Carol Jones, Director of The Audience Agency Wales, to chat about the 2015 AMA conference session she will be chairing, Be audacious: embedding digital experimentation.

Describe your conference session in less than 50 words:

A combination of short provocations, animated conversation and spaghetti…Three international leaders in the field of digital and social developments (who are all Mentors at the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy) share their passions and cajole us to think differently about leading change and making a real difference.

What are the top 3 things delegates will learn or take away from your conference session?

  1. It’s time to lead a real culture change – a shift from the need for perfection to an agile, audacious, iterative approach that’s not afraid to fail and involves the audience from start to finish
  2. Experimentation isn’t an option it’s a vital process to ensure success
  3. Don’t be average – keep the culture shift happening

Why should delegates attend your session?

This is the first time DK, Carolyn Royston and Ron Evans have appeared on a panel together – three passionate advocates for transforming the way we work through the use of new technology, digital and social media. They’re all brilliant, inspirational speakers but with very different styles and approaches – it’s a dynamic combination. There’ll be lots of inspiration, lots to takeaway, a chance to question and debate and a bit of fun that involves…spaghetti.

What are you looking forward to most at the AMA Conference?

AMA conferences are like soul food for the mind – that delicious combination of simple things brought together with passion – meeting old friends, a warm and friendly atmosphere, great conversation and lots of inspiration to takeaway. But it’s always the unexpected things that I look forward to most – the breakout session that I wasn’t sure about but turns out to be the best thing I’ve been to all year; meeting someone new who makes me think in a different way or sparks a new idea; seeing the difference art can make to places and people.

Have we sparked your curiosity? Further details about this year’s sessions are available on the conference website.


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