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Shared Ambition

fundraising and marketing together

Fundraising and marketing together

What would happen if your organisation brought its marketing and fundraising functions closer together?

Shared Ambition — fundraising and marketing together is a change programme that considers this very question. The pilot proved highly successful for 12 organisations already on this journey.

We’re now offering the opportunity for more organisations to take part as we run the programme again. Each application needs 2 individuals who are committed to making change within their organisation:

  • one person whose role includes marketing
  • one person whose role includes fundraising

We know that this isn’t how all organisations are structured, so for smaller organisations this may include individuals with broader roles e.g. where fundraising falls to the CEO.

Each organisation will take part in the 3 phase programme:

  • Phase 1 review — September 2018
  • Phase 2 residential — 1-3 October 2018, Leeds
  • Phase 3 follow up support — November/December 2018 and February/March 2019

Please send completed application forms to by 6 June 2018.

Shared Ambition — fundraising and marketing together is made possible at a heavily subsidised rate, thanks to funding from Arts Council England. Each organisation is required to contribute only £500 + VAT. This is just 25% of the actual cost of the programme.

This fee covers all three phases of the programme but does not cover your travel expenses to the residential.

“Shared Ambition gave us some much needed time to reflect on our progress working together, and make a plan for the future. This led to the development of a business case which made a clear, compelling proposition for expanding our work together and building further capacity in the membership team.”
Rose Cashman-Pugsley and Emma Evans
Eden Project

“Whilst there is evidence that marketing and development teams are working more closely together, there is a need to understand the motivations for this, the challenges in achieving this and the real impacts of this way of working.”
Cath Hume

“We hope that Shared Ambition — fundraising and marketing together will establish some guidance to share sector-wide about the considerable income generation opportunities that can emerge from better collaboration between marketing and fundraising teams.”
Michelle Wright
CEO, Cause4

The programme

Phase 1 — review

An introductory Skype call with one of the programme trainers to review how marketers and fundraisers work together, the benefits of this approach and the challenges you face.

You will then lead an internal discussion exercise with your team prior to attending the residential (planned during your Skype call with the support of a trainer).

Phase 2 — residential

1-3 October 2018, Leeds

A bespoke 2.5 day residential programme based on the findings from Phase 1, to include:

  • Tools and frameworks and how best to use them to help shape thinking
  • High level training in effective organisational culture, latest strategic thinking and the role of fundraising and marketing in a resilient business model
  • Support from experienced facilitators

Phase 3 — follow up support

Two online coaching sessions with one of the facilitators from the programme to help embed an experiment or project to further your Shared Ambition.

Shared Ambition is managed by the AMA as part of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme.

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