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4th November 2016 Rebecca Moore

Selling our own tickets #DMA

Charlotte Gross, Head of Sales and Marketing for Scottish Ballet, shares her involvement as a Digital Marketing Academy (DMA) Fellow.

Scottish Ballet is a touring company, and the theatres are therefore in charge of the transaction with our audience through their box office or website. Having acquired Tessitura in 2013, we were interested in testing whether we could sell tickets directly, as another ticket agent, and discovering how our audiences would react to this.

Kept on the right lines by our patient mentor, Tom Beardshaw, and enlightened by the regular webinars offered through the DMA, Clare and I embarked on this adventure starting with a brainstorming session in true Agile style.

We wanted to test each aspect of selling tickets from the time setting up on Tessitura to the customer journey on the website and their reaction to our communications (sales e-mail, pre-show e-mail) as well as their experience at the theatre.

Here is the analysis provided by our Digital Agency Dog Digital:



We also had a dashboard set up on Google to follow the metrics of this test:



Here are the results of the questionnaire post-booking:



We now need to analyse the results of the questionnaire post-show.

There are still a lot of questions to be answered for us to continue on this journey. We are very lucky to have a very open and good relationship with the theatres we tour to and their involvement will be key in whatever we decide to do.

This exercise so far has been very valuable in so many ways: introducing new ways of working, embedding a more evidence based approach to the decisions that we are taking, uncovering the very many things that we should do with Google Analytics…

Thanks DMA!

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