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8th January 2018 Jemma Green

Retreat 2 — what you can expect

Ahead of our intensive residential marketing leadership programme, Retreat 2 on 12 — 15 March, we asked trainer Jo Taylor a few questions about what attendees can expect from the programme.
1)      What do you think makes a good leader?

A good leader inspires passion and action in others. Good leaders corral people around a common cause and unite them in a joint effort so that everyone is working together for the same end. A good leader empowers everyone to make their individual contribution and celebrates their part in the success story.


2)      Are there any barriers to great leadership that are specific to the arts sector ?

It is easy in organisations who have broad portfolios — and are under pressure to drive and diversify income — to lose focus.  Good leaders will think strategically and remain focused on the big underlying idea — while not underestimating what you’re asking of people or diminishing the detail.

This means to constantly inspire people with the potential of the art to enhance lives, so that this passion is what drives the organisation.  With good leadership, the barometer for success will not be box office returns, till receipts or counting heads but in valuing, prioritising and cherishing the impacts your experiences have on audiences.

Good leaders in the arts will remain unequivocally vision led, at the same time as being relentlessly audience focused. They champion the art and the audience equally. The result is a team where everyone has confidence in the artistic vision and embraces the audience wholeheartedly.


3)      What would you say is the biggest hurdle to someone undertaking their leadership journey and how will Retreat 2 help?

  • Achieving the above requires the ability to focus and great communications skills.
  • Lack of confidence can be a barrier to both of these strengths.

Retreat 2 will give you a solid grounding in the relationship between the different facets of the strategic planning process, including some practical tools to navigate these discussions with your teams. It also gives you that all too rare time to reflect on your influencing and interpersonal skills.


4)      What is the one thing you hope people will take away with them

That strategic planning gives the best framework for more creativity, experimentation and something about leadership……


Retreat 2

College Court Conference Centre, Leicester | 12 — 15 March

AMA members: £995 + VAT