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23rd January 2018 Jemma Green

Retreat 2 — what you can expect

Picture of Alasdair Cant
Image courtesy of Alasdair Cant


Ahead of our intensive residential marketing leadership programme, Retreat 2 on 12 — 15 March, we asked trainer Alasdair Cant a few questions about what attendees can expect from the programme.


1)      What do you think makes a good leader?

 Good leaders know themselves, and use that knowledge to get the best from situations and people around them.  They are honest with themselves and others.  They have the courage to do and say what they believe is right, irrespective of what others think.  They have the ability to listen well, which involves temporarily letting go of their own agenda and ‘ego state’ in order to deepen their understanding of others and other perspectives.  This helps them influence effectively.


2)      Are there any barriers to great leadership that are specific to the Arts sector?

The Arts Sector has more than its share of strong personalities and egos.  In an era of ever stretched resources, the result is an invisible tide towards silo working and protectionist mentality.  Great leadership surmounts this, allays fear and refuses to collude with or reward bad behaviour.   Great leadership sees new possibilities in difficult times.


3)      What would you say is the biggest hurdle to someone undertaking their leadership journey and how will Retreat 2 help?

The Arts Sector has an impressively diverse workforce that is not yet as impressively reflected at Board level and in executive leadership.  The AMA Retreat offers an opportunity for everyone to explore their own limiting beliefs, to give themselves ‘inner permission’ and become the best version of leader they wish to be.


4)      What is the one thing you hope people will take away with them.

The Moeller Centre is a fabulous venue, and if it’s raining they have lovely umbrellas they let you take away.  I still have mine. 


Retreat 2

College Court Conference Centre, Leicester | 12 — 15 March

AMA members: £995 + VAT