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2nd May 2018 Jemma Green

Putting Play at the Heart of your Brand

Appetite presents ‘The Bell’ by Periplum © Chris Patrick Photography 64

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What is it about?

During his Keynote session, Tom will discuss how Play has always been an integral part of the giffgaff brand since its inception as a start up eight years ago. How Play as an approach can challenge and disrupt markets, as well as set your brand apart.

Tom will explore how a social brand can drive engagement and participation; how being a playful brand can benefit not only your marketing communications but also your company culture; how Play can challenge the status quo and become the catalyst for success and the position of advantage for any David vs. Goliath style situation.

Watch this session live streamed on Thursday 26 July at 10.30am.

 Tom Rainsford | Founder | giffgaff

AMA conference 2018 — The Power of Play

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