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18th September 2018 Jacqueline Haxton

The practicalities of play

Children going to galleries and museums is a great idea but sometimes venues aren’t set up to be welcoming to those audiences. Sometimes, the expectations of young people, their parents and teachers, aren’t necessarily realistic.

In this breakout session at AMA conference 2018 — The Power of Play — Sharna Jackson talks about how the worlds of arts institutions and children can come together, using her work on the digital art exhibition, Playground, as a case study.

The practicalities of play — 33 minutes 57 seconds

Video filmed by Pilot Theatre. Subtitles by Stagetext recorded live at the event. 

It covers:

  • Insight into how to work with school groups.
  • How to have effective residencies with young people.
  • Tools for how and where to talk about your organisation in order to engage young people.

The speaker

Sharna Jackson

Published September 2018