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28th June 2018 Jemma Green

Playing with Fear — from ‘bystander’ to ally

Image courtesy of People’s History Museum © LGBT History Festival

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What is it about?

Museum Detox is a supportive and empowering network for People of Colour in museums and galleries across the UK.

Through a playful intervention — The White Privilege Clinic, Museum Detox embraced fear and risk by taking conversations about racism, inequality and privilege to museums.

Playing with fear is about taking risks both at a personal and organisational level, embracing discomfort and difference in order to move forward with a better understanding of addressing embedded injustice in our arts and cultural sector.

In this session you will be taken through the ‘White Privilege Clinic Test’ experience and share reflections on its impact, which enabled Museum Detox as ‘clinicians’ to bring up the anxieties we have around talking about race and racism, self-awareness and what being ‘woke’ means.

The experience ends with a prescription to get delegates thinking about how to take meaningful action and move from being a bystander to an ally.


Sandra Shakespeare | Clore Cultural Leadership Fellow and Co-Founder  | Museum Detox

Thanh Sinden | Independent Museum Consultant and board member | Museum Detox

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