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9th March 2016 Laurie Kremer

Roger Tomlinson
Independent Consultant

Picture of Roger Tomlinson

With over 40 years experience of the arts and entertainment industry, starting out as an arts marketer and then a CEO and producer, Roger is now regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on audience development and integrated ticketing solutions, developing and procuring on-line technologies for ticketing and marketing, working internationally in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. He has a Lifetime Achievement Award from INTIX. He is particularly interested in the way digital technologies are changing the ways people can relate to arts organisations and how they can develop audiences. He co-produces the information website with Andrew Thomas. Follow him on Twitter as @BrandinyourHand and @TicketingInst.

His books include Full house: Turning Data Into Audiences (co-authored with Tim Roberts, also in Spanish), Boxing Clever, Developing and managing a website (co-authored with Vicki Allpress), JobWatch (about equal opportunities recruitment), and the Data Protection Guide, plus with Leo Sharrock the ACE guide to data sharing for their NPOs.