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31st May 2017 Laurie Kremer

Rob Glass
Flotilla Video Training

Rob Glass has been working in broadcasting for twenty years. During his time as a BBC television presenter he was acknowledged as one of the most creative practitioners in the UK. He found his niche as a video journalist, single-handedly filming and editing features for BBC News. He also spent time as a trainer, showing other BBC journalists how to create independently too. In 2004 Rob set up Coracle Films so that he could help organisations beyond the BBC communicate using video. By producing over 1,500 features for broadcast he saw that the most powerful kind of video revolves around storytelling. Seeing stories going untold, he grew passionate about sharing this power. Now, thanks to the ludicrous simplicity of the iPad and iPhone, Rob is able to show people with no previous experience how to harness the power of their real-life stories using video.