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12th May 2016

Phillippa Slinger, Manager at Ledbury Poetry Festival


Why did I join AMA? In a word – to get up to speed! I’ve become plugged in to this amazing network of peers, mentors, experts and organisations.

There’s a real buzz, energy and excitement in AMA communication that reminds me how great the arts are, and how passionate the people working in them can be.

My experience on the Small Scale Development Programme was overwhelmingly positive. Not only was I equipped with skills and tools the envy of a professional marketer, but I made lasting friendships with peers across art forms and across the country. We’ve checked things out with each other – new websites, campaigns, colours, and have been invaluable support and feedback. It was an amazing opportunity that has springboarded me into a new level of skills and understanding, and has translated into my work effortlessly.