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18th March 2016 Jacqueline Haxton

Heather Maitland

Heather Maitland is an arts consultant, author, lecturer and Associate Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at the University of Warwick.

Heather has worked as a marketer for a wide range of arts organisations: from the smallest of touring theatre companies to running the London end of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s marketing operation. She worked with over 100 museums, galleries and performing arts organisations on audience, business and art form development as head of two of the UK’s audience development agencies.

Heather has a particular interest in developing ways very small scale organisations can increase visitor and audience numbers within their limited resources, most recently writing The Jazz Services Guide to Getting Bigger Audiences for Jazz based on research into audiences at voluntary-run jazz clubs.

She has delivered seminars and training programmes throughout the UK, and worldwide, most recently for Irish Times Training, Museums and Galleries Scotland and the British Council in Colombia and Syria.