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17th March 2016 Laurie Kremer

Giulia Crossley, Communications and Marketing Manager, Arts at British Council

Giulia Crossley

I believe that we are all inherently creative and that the arts has the ability to enrich us in a way nothing else can. I never had the desire to pursue a career in performance, but I wanted to be part of this process and as I started to look at the opportunities, I saw that the arts was made up of hundreds of different vocations, each unique and essential. Marketing was a natural fit for me and, despite the long hours and modest pay, I’m still driven and passionate about the career path I have chosen.

I joined the AMA in 2010. Essentially as soon as a realised there was an organisation ‘for people like me’ I signed up. Working in arts marketing, you are often the only person doing what you do in the organisation and it can be tough to stay engaged and up to speed with the latest industry trends and goings on. The training programme is extensive and I love the website which is full of tools, advice and inspiration. I never miss the chance to geek-it-up at a networking event and fundamentally it’s wonderful to feel part of a community.