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4th April 2016 Verity Sanderson


Image of DK

Advisor, speaker and social media expert
New Zealand

DK strategically advises and speaks energetically on the potential of social media to improve business/organisations. He’s currently Activation Manager at the largest co-working facility in New Zealand and is the lead on Collider, a programme focussed on transforming the capital into a Smart City. He’s also spent a short but intense 9 months as Business Designer for a leading Design Thinking firm, Empathy, plus is the licensee/producer of TEDxWellington.

In 2006 he set up MediaSnackers a groundbreaking organisation that inspired people to learn, work and live differently with social media and developed training for a variety of clients including The Gates Foundation and UNICEF. His published work includes How does the web make youth feel? (Journal of Marketing Management) and Zen and the heart of social media.

He is the founder of and a sought-after speaker at international events.