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23rd February 2017 Laurie Kremer

Caroline Beavon
Caroline Beavon Ltd.

Caroline Beavon is a former radio journalist and presenter, turned infographics designer. Based in Brighton, Caroline has been running her own company since 2011, offering infographics and data design and consultation services, as well as in-house and public training sessions.

Caroline delivers  regular public training sessions at the Press Association in infographics and data designing and has provided in-house training at the Department of Transport, Thames Valley Housing, Haymarket, Birmingham City Council and Hampshire County Council. Several times a year she is invited to deliver public training courses in the Netherlands, through Graphic Hunters.

Her background in journalism means Caroline doesn’t just teach design skills: she encourages attendees to think carefully about what they are trying to achieve with their infographic and data visualisations. Focusing first on message, by exploring the main aims and what you are hoping to achieve, can help shape the overall design and increase impact. Attendees also consider their audience and some of the key differences, that would affect the language, design and level of information you use.

With an easy-going style, and approach, Caroline has a reputation as an engaging trainer and attendees leave inspired and keen to start on their own projects.