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23rd May 2017 Bea Udeh

Amy Wilkes, Wilton’s Music Hall


Amy Wilkes
Marketing and Communications Manager
Wilton’s Music Hall

Growing up in Norwich Amy got some great work experience producing at BBC Introducing and writing about the local scene for zines. When Amy graduated from university in London she promoted gigs in her spare time and worked at a music education charity in East London before moving to the marketing department at the Barbican. There she quickly discovered that she is a casebook arts-marketing geek. After a brief stint at Universal, she is now at Wilton’s Music Hall, a beautiful theatre with a growing programme. As an ADA 2.0 Fellow, she would like to explore better engaging the local Tower Hamlets community. In her spare time, she is obsessed with music, going to gigs, playing in a band and volunteering at a DIY space in between some feminist organising, wandering around galleries and a lot of reading.