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9th March 2016 Laurie Kremer

Alasdair Cant
Alasdair Cant & Associates Ltd

Picture of Alasdair Cant

Alasdair Cant is a highly respected trainer and an accredited personal effectiveness coach. He specialises in developing good communication and motivation for individuals and teams across an extensive range of sectors including the arts, criminal justice, health, social care and the private sector.

He brings this wider perspective to further enrich the learning experience in the training room. In addition, his coaching expertise enables him to work ‘live’ with groups which helps to address specific issues brought up on the day.

Alasdair works regularly as a facilitator of team development days, particularly where there is conflict, change or difficulty. His one-to-one coaching sessions provide an opportunity to reflect upon specific issues using a constructive and supportive approach with valuable results.

Alasdair has worked with the AMA over a number of years delivering workshops such as Managing Upwards and New to Management as well as being part of the team of coaches on the highly successful Encore coaching scheme.