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17th March 2016 Laurie Kremer

Adam Comstive, Marketing and Communications Officer at National Football Museum


When I was young (and shallow) I started writing about music and working at venues almost entirely to get free CDs and tickets! Once I’d got over that (although we all still love a freebie, don’t we?), I loved the sense of collaboration and dedication in the sector. None of us will get rich doing this but almost everyone here loves what they do. It’s a friendly, supportive sector that seems like an impossibly small world at times, but gives us opportunities to reach people across the world and even change lives. Sounds good to me.

My first AMA membership year was around 2007, when I started in the marketing services team at Arts About Manchester (subsequently All About Audiences, now The Audience Agency). Taking the wider view and learning about audience development, and getting an idea of the challenges and opportunities across the sector was vital, and fascinating. I try and get to a couple of training events a year; even when I think I know it all (which of course is rare) it’s always good to meet other people and share best practice.