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Designed for those who are relatively new to the topics and working at marketing assistant / officer level.
Marketing workshop full information
Gaining people's interest and attention
Jon Gilchrist - marketing director, The Lowry
This session will help you to explore the extent to which your marketing communications stand out from the crowd.
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Connecting with people - using customer data to spend less and earn more
Stuart Nicolle - managing director and founder, Purple Seven
Learn some key tools of the trade to help you turn your data into the strategic direction you need.
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Word of mouth in a sociable media world
Jessie Hunt - marketing manager, British Museum
People like to talk! And we like them to talk about the arts. Explore a range of ways to get people talking about your organisation - online and offline.
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Blogging master class: how to create an effective company blog
Jake Orr - A Younger Theatre and
Luke Murphy - 33 Digital and founder; Twespians
Look into what makes an effective company blog and gain a welath of tips, advice, solutions and ideas to help you shape and develop your own blog.
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Strategic marketing workshops 

Created for those working at senior marketing officer, marketing manager level or similar 
Strategic marketing workshop full information 
Connecting marketing and programming to engage audiences
William Norris - communications director, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Matthew Lawton - communications director, National Theatre Wales
Claire Heafford - founder and director, The Papered Parlour
Case study session giving examples of how the organisations effectively combined marketing and programming to maximise audience engagement
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Using mobile technologies to engage new audiences
Mike Saunders - VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Artfinder
Join Mike to find out why mobile is becoming such a crucial part of the marketing mix and how to use mobile technologies to reach new and existing audiences 
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Connecting with your local communities
Ed Newsome - head of marketing, Welsh National Opera
Cath Hume - consultant, Museums at Night
This session will focus on the importance of social, connected, and network-focused marketing to create and tap into communities around the arts.
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Visitor insights 
Sarah Boiling - deputy chief executive, Audiences London Plus
Based on research with over 10,000 visitors across 65 galleries in England and Wales this session will answer questions about the range of experiences different visitor groups are looking for.  
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Social influence: technology trends that encourage social attendance
Roger Tomlinson - The Ticketing Institute
Ron Evans - Principal, GroupOfMinds.com 
What role does the desire to be social and to share experiences with others play in influencing people’s decision to attend or take part in an arts event? What does ‘social’ mean for ticket purchase? Ron and Roger will provide insights into how our marketing and ticketing strategies and functionality are developing in order to respond to the way people use online connections when planning their social lives.
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Researching engagement – using action research to develop our understanding and inform our customer communications 
Su Matthewman - Communications Director, West Yorkshire Playhouse
West Yorkshire Playhouse has recently launched an extensive programme of action research, aimed at understanding its audiences better. The project will inform the future of the whole organisation – from its artistic programme to its customer service and through all of its marketing communications. Some of the results are entirely expected, others are more surprising. Su will explain the background to the project, the Playhouse’s objectives and will share some of the findings so far ... 
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Advanced level discussions

Aimed at senior managers, heads of department, director level and similar 
Advanced level discussions full information
How participation is shaping the arts - a panel discussion
Claire Doherty - director, Situations
Alex Fleetwood - founder, Hide&Seek
Kate McGrath - Fuel Theatre
There is a growing trend for co-creating arts experiences with the public, for engaging audiences via highly participatory productions and digital communications, or through immersive arts experiences. This session will take a look at the impact and implications this trend is having or could have on developing audiences and visitors for the arts, and in turn, on artists, performers and writers.
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What can arts marketing learn from the field of behavioural economics?
Tim Wood in discussion with Hetan Shah, Executive Director, Royal Statistical Society
A short introduction into behavioural economics (insights from psychology and economics to understand the social, cognitive and emotional factors behind decisions made by the public to consume a particular product or service) and open discussion with delegates about the pros and cons and examples of adopting some of this thinking in the arts sector.
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The impact of cultural experiences on audiences and visitors
Sarah Ogle - Communications and Sales Director, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse in discussion with Debbie Richards - Director, Baker Richards
How are people transformed by arts experiences? And if different artistic programmes create different impacts, what implications might this have for programming and marketing? Debbie and Sarah will discuss the process and findings of the year-long pilot study of the intrinsic impacts of arts events - How Audiences and Visitors are Transformed by Cultural Experiences in Liverpool.
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Exploring organisational culture, structure and systems
Jodi Myers, Independent Consultant
This session will provide a space for a group of experienced arts professionals to come together to discuss and share ideas, and to think afresh about the organisational culture, structure, governance, and systems that we might need in place to maximise our ability to reach and engage audiences.
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Managing corporate reputation
Nicole Newman, Development Director, English National Opera
In a social, connected world, managing your overall corporate reputation and brand has become more complex. Nicole will present several short case studies and lead a discussion about how this area of our work is developing and the particular impacts on our approaches to corporate sponsorship.
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Keynotes in conversation

Your opportunity to join the discussion with your favourite keynote speakers and ask your questions. This session is aimed at those with 10+ years' of experience and wanting to join the conversation.
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