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A challenging, stimulating and hugely rewarding experience.
Become a mentor
Gain new skills and build self-confidence. Read more below...
Become a mentee

AMA mentoring scheme

The AMA mentoring scheme is for those currently working in arts marketing. It is a great way to gain new skills, build self-confidence and increase motivation through sharing experiences and one-to-one feedback.

Since April 2000 we have devoted considerable resources to the training of mentors and mentees. We have found that there is a direct link between trained participants and successful mentoring relationships. For this reason, mentors and mentees take part in an online training session designed to help develop the skills required for a successful relationship, prior to being matched.
If you are interested in joining the scheme as a mentor but can’t make the training session please contact debbie@a-m-a.co.uk

Why take part?


'Now I am a mentor, I can understand why people were so generous with their time to me, because there’s no better feeling than having a mentee...the feeling of satisfaction, I really couldn’t describe to you.'

Being a mentor is a challenging, stimulating and hugely rewarding experience.
If you have at least five years professional work experience, mentoring can give you a wide range of new skills, insights and perspectives as well as boost your confidence and self-development. You can:
  • Develop coaching and counselling skills that are transferable to your personal and professional life
  • Gain new perspectives on your own work and management style and an external viewpoint on key issues and challenges in the sector
  • Mentoring can also provide an opportunity for stimulating discussions and insights into other art forms and organisations
  • Successful mentors usually have a genuine interest in helping others develop and get a great satisfaction out of sharing their own learning and experiences. 


‘My mentor is a perfect match for my aims and career aspirations and the sessions are very helpful.’

Having a mentor will build your self-confidence and increase your motivation through sharing experiences and getting one-to-one feedback. Your mentor will use their knowledge and experience to support you in:
  • Developing your skills as an arts marketer
  • Identifying goals
  • Identifying opportunities to learn and your own solutions to overcome issues at work.
Having a mentor isn’t about having someone telling you the answers and giving instructions: think of it instead as bespoke, long-term professional development, where you identify your needs and your mentor helps you meet them. 
Please note: You can be a mentee on the AMA mentoring scheme at any level of your career but it does become harder to match more experienced mentees as a suitable mentor would need to be far more experienced (we look for a minimum five year career difference between the mentee and mentor).

Download the FAQ sheet for answers to the most commonly asked questions.


You can contact either Debbie Potts or Neil Parker at any point during your involvement in the scheme to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.
Contact Neil Parker on 01223 578078 or by email: neil@a-m-a.co.uk for any queries relating to the match.
Contact Dr Debbie Potts on 01223 578078 or by email: debbie@a-m-a.co.uk for any queries relating to the overall delivery of the scheme including evaluation.
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