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12th October 2017

Ones and Zeros – From Data to People

Image courtesy of Artsadmin. Dominoes by Station House Opera, Melbourne 2016. Photograph by Kieran Stewart

What is it about?

Fed up with managing multiple systems, Artsadmin set out to create a new open-source CRM solution for the arts sector. Spoiler alert: they did.

Working with innovation agency Golant Media Ventures, Artsadmin’s journey led them into the world of data confidence, competence and coherence – and ultimately to the realisation that it’s not all about ‘data’ and ‘digital’.

From internal stakeholders to consulting the right people at the right time, to, most importantly, the people behind the data, Selma and Patrick will share their insight into how digital transformation can strengthen and deepen those relationships.

What will I gain?

  • Tips for getting organisational buy-in during digital transformation projects
  • Ways to redesign processes around relationships
  • Insight into implementing a new CRM solution


Headshot of Selma Willcocks

Selma Willcocks
Marketing Manager

Headshot of Patrick Towell

Patrick Towell
Golant Media Ventures

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