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22nd July 2011 Sara Lock

Niche marketing (BNW8)

Issy Patience works for an interesting organisation – see her biog – part of the wonderful diversity of delegates at the AMA Conference…

As a first timer to an AMA conference I did not imagine being met by such a large number of delegates from such a variety of organisations!

Striding Out It’s great to be with other people who have travelled from all over the UK to Glasgow to share ideas, successes and failures about the ways in which they involve the many different audiences that engage in their art form.

Picture: AMA Conference 2011 images: Leo Cinicolo


I work for an artists agency, Art for Architecture and whereas other larger theatres/operas/museums and galleries are faced with the difficulties of selling tickets and marketing shows and exhibitions, my immediate challenge is to target prospective clients who need original beautiful artworks for their projects.

Segmenting audiences to target specific marketing materials was something we discussed in my first seminar session, but the best thing I learnt about yesterday was the benefits and practicalities of video marketing in a round table session [by Onescoop, ed]. By opening up the processes of our artists we represent who is hidden away in studios all over the UK, many in remote areas. It will be an extremely accessible way for us to promote their artistic expertise and appeal to the projects we are targeting. This is a practical step that can benefit all types of arts organisations.

This leads onto my only criticism of the conference so far which is the heavy emphasis on advice aimed at ticketed venues, shows and exhibitions rather than advice for smaller organisations.

It would be great to see a few sessions next year for arts and cultural organisations that are marketing artwork and arts events to different clients and breakout/roundtable sessions would be the perfect opportunity for this in depth discussion. The keynotes about the wider principles on how marketing can thrive are inspiring and connect us all, however some attention to the smaller niche organisations would be a valuable addition to the AMA Conference 2012.

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