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25th July 2011 Sara Lock

New week, new world (BNW11)

Judging by the activity on Twitter and the number of views of AMA COMMONS, plenty of people were 'at work' on Friday. Even if you were, today probably seems like the beginning of a new week. For the AMA staff, the conference is such a key point in the year that it seems like the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Work has already started on next year's conference - which, as you probably know will be in Brighton (10-12 July 2012, Brighton Dome). Book your deckchair now.
Blog 18But this is the week when we can put into practice all those things we picked up at the conference (not just the free pens, bags and usb sticks). Will we be ROARing, telling stories or trying out our own lipsync community singing projects?

Keeping the momentum is a challenge, but there seems to have been plenty of inspired people, judging by Twitter:

AMA conference 2011 images: Leo Cinicolo

@Matt_ntw: '#amaconf Art changes lives and tells us the story of ourselves it has intrinsic value for our soul. Shout this louder in a #Bravenewworld'.

Or, @EmmaMcDoofus: 'Inspiring last keynote at #amaconf a rallying cry to not use recession as an excuse for cultural inertia and irrelevance. Let's crack on!'

The AMA' s guest blogging team will continue to provide their own responses over the next few days but in the meantime, there are plenty of other postings on the web. Here is a quick round up:

First, let's put a big shout out for Ashley Smith Hammond's blog at AmbITion which beautifully integrates Tweets and Flickr pictures into the text providing a rich and immediate outline of what people were 'saying' about the conference.

If you've missed any of the hundreds of Tweets using #amaconf (over 2000 so far) then you could have a look at the extraordinary summary by Taras Young. On Virtually Being There provides a filtered set of Tweets from the conference. Thankfully, many of the drunken ones have been taken out (phew!) and they are anonymous, but they do provide an intriguing narrative of the immediate reactions to conference content.

Many of the contributors have posted material online. Mark Robinson has put his slides on slideshare for example and he also comments about the conference on his own blog. Indigo have put up slides and accompanying notes to their presentations, as has Onescoop (Alexander Fleming) about video marketing.

Other people spotted blogging about the conference, include Ash Man , with some strong views about the arts sector and the way it is lagging behind digitally (with responses from Seb Chan who spoke at the conference). Laura Anderson, of Craft Scotland writes about Getting Social and there's a straightforward but well-considered outline of several elements from the conference by Chris Unitt (including good links to speakers etc) from Made Media.

So, it's off to work we go. Time to step forward into a Brave New World with a few Tweets that didn't make it into the Taras Young spreadsheet:

@_LisaBaxter: 'thank you for the Inspiration Workout that was #amaconf… great ideas, fantastic conversations and a gloriously positive vibe.'

@CJF2: '#amaconf sad times that it is over! Met some cracking people this year! Most of them busting some crazy shapes on the dancefloor last night.'

@LC_Arts: 'Back from #amaconf – lots of people to ring, lots to think about, lots to action and lots of forecasting to do!'

Jonathan Goodacre


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