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Mentoring Scheme

supporting the sector together

Long-lasting relationships are key to shaping a thriving and resilient sector. Taking part in the mentoring scheme and sharing experiences on a one-to one basis will help you learn new skills, realise your potential and develop valuable connections.

Become a Mentor

Do you have the potential to help another AMA member expand their horizons and develop their career?

If you have at least five years of professional work experience, mentoring can give you a wide range of new skills and perspectives:
  • Develop transferrable coaching and counselling skills
  • Gain insights into other art forms and organisations
  • Give back to the sector and help shape its future

We would like to give special thanks to the 120 mentors who have already made such a valuable contribution to the AMA network and to the sector as a whole since the scheme began in 2005.

Become a Mentee

Do you want support and advice about your work and career?  One-to-one guidance from an experienced AMA member can help you:

  • Develop your skills and maximise your impact as a cultural professional
  • Define your goals and how you can achieve them
  • Discover new opportunities to learn
  • Determine your own solutions to issues at work

Who is it for?

AMA members who would like to continue their professional development through long-lasting relationships.

How do I take part?

The AMA mentoring scheme is for AMA members, please join the AMA to take part.

Participants first attend an online mentoring training session. You will then be matched with a suitable mentor/mentee within a short travelling distance from you.

For further details, please read the mentoring information pack or contact the membership team at

“Being a mentor is a such a privilege…you also learn a lot about yourself. When you see a penny drop, or watch someone become empowered to make a change, that’s magic.”
Rebecca Davis
Stellar Quines Theatre Company
AMA Mentor

“[My mentor] understands my concerns and issues, and has already helped me focus on possible solutions. It’s really useful to have a confidential ‘sounding board’, and an external perspective from someone that understands the industry.”
Clare Booth
Marketing Assistant
The Brunton and East Lothian Council Arts Service
AMA Mentee

“It’s really rewarding – and it’s helped me to realise how much knowledge I’ve accumulated over 20 years. I’ve also learned a lot from my mentees…it feels great to be sharing insights and giving something back”
Catrin John
Marketing and Communications Manager
AMA Mentor

Change of details?

If you would like to change your contact details or organisation please get in contact with us.