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AMA Membership Rates 2017/18

All rates shown exclude VAT. If you are joining from outside the UK, please contact Membership to see how this affects the VAT you pay on AMA membership and events.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is based on your annual salary. Membership is renewable annually.

Earning up to £12,000 — £68

Earning up to £15,000 — £91

Earning up to £18,000 — £104

Earning up to £25,000 — £131

Earning up to £30,000 — £158

Earning up to £40,000 — £180

Earning above £40,000 — £202

Student — £35
Volunteer/Unwaged — £35

Freelance* — £70

Six month trial** — £60

* Freelance membership is available to anyone who is self-employed.
** Six month trial is available to anyone who has not been an AMA member before.


Group Membership

Group membership is based on the size of your group. Groups of 4, 8 and 15 can be purchased online but please contact Matt if you would like to purchase a membership at a different group rate. Group membership is renewable annually.

Group of 4 or less — £416

Group of 5 — £520

Group of 6 — £624

Group of 7 — £728

Group of 8­ — £736

Group of 15 — £1,026

Additional member (e.g. group of 9)   £104 per person

Membership terms and conditions

Payment is required within 30 days of the date of invoice.

Your membership will be activated on the date of invoicing as a gesture of good faith. However, in the unlikely event that this invoice remains unpaid after 30 days, we reserve the right to suspend your membership benefits until the invoice is paid. We will notify you if we intend to take this course of action.

Your membership covers the named individual(s) from your organisation to attend AMA events at the member rate. Membership cannot be transferred between colleagues, unless a member leaves the organisation.

Change of details?

If you would like to change your contact details or organisation please get in contact with us.