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8th June 2018 Jemma Green

Liverpool Girl Geeks — the secrets of speaking to young people

Greenwich Dance – Moving Woolwich 2017 © Alicia Clarke

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What is it about?

Discover how the Co-founders of Liverpool Girl Geeks turned a Twitter account into not one but two businesses.

Hear how they market to young people and what we can do to support them, especially in their future career choices.

Chelsea will discuss the importance of mission and the core values that influence all their work. Learn about the challenges they faced in setting up a social enterprise, and the perceptions of a part-time and volunteer-led business they had to overcome.

What will I gain?

1) Insight into how to communicate with young people

2) How important your mission and values are

3) The benefits of working with young people

Who is it for?

For delegates at the early stage of their career who are interested in practical takeaways that they can implement when speaking to young people.

Chelsea Slater | Co-Founder/Director | Liverpool Girl Geeks & Innovate Her

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